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Revolution Frequency Album ArtPure Gamma Brainwave

This track features a pure gamma brainwave frequency to induce specific states of consciousness for focus, enhanced cognitive ability, memory, and improved mood. The album is part of a campaign on to aid in improving your quality of life using your brainwaves, and more tracks will be added throughout the year as they come available.

Muladhara Root Chakra Balance Meditation

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its function relates to our basic survival needs and sense of belonging in families and as part of the greater whole. When this chakra is in balance, or unblocked, energy flows freely through it, bringing feelings of security and faith that we can fill our needs with ease. When it’s blocked, feelings of anxiety, money worries, and other disease reign. This chakra is our connection to the earth.



 7 Chakra Cleanse

In just ten minutes a day, you can balance all seven of your chakras with this free download from Revolution Frequency. This meditation track is infused with an alpha brainwave frequency, deeply relaxing you as your chakras are lovingly balanced for you. An imbalanced chakra resonates in dissonance with the other chakras, causing the energy flow to be blocked, your exterior world taking the shape of disharmony. When your chakras are balanced, you are in the flow.



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7 Chakras Graphic
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An imbalance (too much or too little energetic activity) in any one of the chakras can cause physical disturbances in the body, emotional instability, and problems in your day to day life.

Chakra Symptoms Chart
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