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Welcome to Revolution Frequency – the home for those wanting to raise their vibration, manifest their desires, ease physical and emotional pains and tap into the level of Om by tuning themselves to the frequency of their dream life.

Do You Dream of a Calmer, More Fulfilling Life?

If you dream of living a life that fulfills you, brings you joy and makes you feel stable and at ease, then you are in the right place!

Revolution Frequency is all about teaching, inspiring, and supporting kindred spirits from around the world to heal the pains in their lives and create the reality they want to live using frequency.

My Journey: From 9 to 5 to Freedom

My name is Nikki Kahl and I started Revolution Frequency in 2013 (then called to heal a pain I was having in my own life. I was working in the corporate world as the entire video department of an international cosmetics company. The stress of wearing 15 hats a day, handling all aspects of the operation and living under the flight path of Los Angeles International Airport was having deeply negative effects on my health and wellbeing. I knew I had to do something about it.

I remembered a discovery I made in college about the calming effects of Theta brainwaves. I hypothesized that if I combined the Theta frequency – the brainwave associated with REM sleep – with calm, ethereal music, the healing of that music would increase exponentially.

The profound calm the music inspired within me led me to a stillness that provided immense clarity. I realized I didn’t want to work in the corporate environment anymore. That same month, I resigned. I went back to school to study music.

In 2016, out of school and back in the workforce, I found myself troubled. Working full time, I found myself yearning to be at home, and always trying to find ways to not be at work. I saw I had adverse reactions to the monotony of 9-5 positions – truly any job that needed me to come into a place of work at a specific time that I did not dictate created problems for my psyche. I realized that the only option for myself was to become a freelancer. I had tried this before without great success, which is why I constantly found myself working for someone. But there had to be a way.

At this time, I was listening to 528 Hz, a frequency known to aid in the manifestation of miracles by repairing broken DNA. Determined to raise my vibration, I worked to align myself to the frequency of my dream. I read the Tao Te Ching, Dhammapada, and applied principles from the book The Science of Getting Rich in conjunction with the 528 Hz frequency, and what I experienced was nothing short of a miracle.

Within three months, my life did a complete 180. I left my job, started freelancing, and made a comparable salary in the first month to what I was making at the 9-5. I was utilizing all of my skills, with no monotony whatsoever. I moved to the desert, a spiritual vortex, where it is quiet and there is no air traffic. Since that first month, I have tripled my income and am continuing to scale up, all while working 6 hours or less a day. This is the power of frequency.

Revolution Frequency Was Born

My own success using frequency cause me to want to help others create the lives they are dreaming of. There was a combination of elements I used to raise my vibration and manifest the results outlined in the section above. Desiring a place to talk about these techniques so that others may use them on their journey, Revolution Frequency was born.

The site has grown from the simple meditation music site I created in 2013 to a valuable resource for those who wish to manifest their best life with ease. No more guessing when it comes to manifesting, no more hard work. On every frequency, there exists a reality that you can tap into by aligning with it. It’s that easy.

We now have resources on balancing the chakras, sleeping more soundly, meditation, mindfulness, and Zen productivity, as well as music and pure frequencies to tune you to heal pains, create better relationships, and more joy so you can start living that life you desire.

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new readers to Revolution Frequency come to ease a pain, such as poor sleep, anxiety, trouble focusing, or because something just “isn’t right” in their lives. Finding little to no relief with conventional methods, they seek alternative aid.

New readers typically come with some common needs or challenges. As a result, we’ve organized the site into 8 Portals to help you find the content that best suits your needs. They are:


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